A new way of playing puzzle games?

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Many people enjoy completing puzzles such as crosswords and sudoku in the newspaper. They may buy a specific puzzle book from the newsagent if there is a particular type of puzzle that they prefer or they may choose a book that has a variety of puzzles but there is a new way of doing these challenging activities which some say is preferable for a number of reasons.

Playing puzzle games online either on a smartphone or tablet has become more popular as there are an unending number of puzzles to try. The player can choose a level that is appropriate to their skill and experience but can try harder levels if they want a challenge.

When travelling on holiday there is no need to pack bulky books and make sure that there is a pen at hand because all the puzzles you could want are at your fingertips and as long as your phone or tablet is protected from the sand and water, there is nothing stopping you taking it to the beach or by the pool.

Whilst playing some puzzle games it can be frustrating if mistakes have been made and it is difficult to erase answers but by playing on a device, undo features can be used to make it easier to go back and correct errors.