Alien: Isolation – Worthy of a purchase?

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There are plenty of new releases coming out very soon, and Alien: Isolation may not be one of the most anticipated, but we believe it’s set to surprise a lot of people. You get the chance to play through play through Amanda Ripley’s quest for survival, but there are many ruthless aliens roaming free.

It’s more of a survival game than anything else, and while there’s some action, it cannot be categorically categorised as an action game. Your main job is ultimately, to stay alive, and there’s no doubt that Amanda Ripley has the skills and the gear to succeed.

There are more terrifying enemies than ever before with this title, but if you can hold your nerve, there’s always a chance you can come out on top. The game’s out early next month, and you can buy it on the PS3, PS4, Xbox One and the Xbox 360.