Are you Trying to Get your Hands on a SNES Mini?

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The SNES Classic Mini is the latest addition to the Super Nintendo Entertainment Systems family. It is a modern take on a retro classic that gives players the opportunity to play from a selection of 21 games. The choice will transport gamers back to the ’90s and, arguably, a simpler and more carefree era of gaming.

The SNES console will be available from today, though pre-orders have been taking place via a number of retailers. If you haven’t already got your console ordered, you might have to take your chances on the day.

The SNES is very much a modern-day take on the original and will feel similar in your hands. It is tiny, light and very transportable. It still has original features like a power and reset button, and keeps other elements like the cartridge slot in the design despite it not being needed. Selected games include Secret of Mana, Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario World.