Bloodborne – New game From Designers of Dark Souls and Demon Souls

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If you’re a fan of the Dark Souls and Demon Souls games, then you’ll probably be interested to know that the designers of those games have announced that they will be releasing a game being described by many as their spiritual successor; Bloodborne. This game has an as of yet undisclosed release date, with the only information available saying it will be released some time during 2015.

Much like the games Dark Souls and Demon Souls, Bloodborne takes place in a fantasy world with a decidedly Gothic tint. Described as part of the horror genre, the game takes place in an ancient city called Yharnam, which has lore galore surrounding it; saying the place holds the potion able to cure any and all ailments and diseases. Many people travel to the city in hopes of finding this elixir, and you play one such individual. Only, a curse seems to have come over the whole city, causing all of the citizens of the city to wonder around, undead, and stark raving mad, and eager to kill you. Then throw in a few monsters, and you have the game.