Why the PlayStation 3 is still a worthy purchase

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It may be now seen as the time of the next gen consoles, and with the PlayStation 4 benefiting from record sales, the spotlight has certainly shifted from the PS3. But for those who have never owned a PlayStation 3 there could be no better time to purchase one. Prices are now extremely low, and the server is still going strong so there are plenty of opportunities in terms of online gaming. There is a wider range of games on the PS3 compared to the PS4, and it will certainly take a few years until the PlayStation 4 catches up. Graphics are still very good on the PS3, especially with... Read More »

Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

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The Nintendo Wii U may not be benefiting from record sales, or even fair sales for that matter, but there are plenty of games to look forward to and enjoy with the family, and Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games is certainly one of them. Combining the fun of the Winter Olympics with two popular Nintendo games is proving to be a wise decision, and any game with Sonic and Mario involved is going to be a popular choice. The game works in a format, with a Sonic team and a Mario team, and there are plenty of winter events to take Part in, including Snowboard... Read More »

Welcome to IdeaStudios.co.uk!

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Welcome gamers to IdeaStudios.co.uk. This is the place to keep you up to date with the gaming industry. We’ll be regularly found blogging here about Online Games and the Gaming Portal in general.
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