Disadvantages of Computer Games

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  • Poor eyesight: Children get addicted towards computer games which leads to poor eyesight.
  • Lack of interest in outdoor games: Children become so indulged in computer games that outdoor games are losing its importance.
  • Waste of time: Children become so used to these games that they don’t realise the amount of time they are putting into it and wasting it at a place that is not worth it.
  • Change in behavioural patterns: It is usual in today’s scenario since both parents are working and they don’t have enough time to spent with their children. This creates overindulgence in computer games and they also get irritated easily.
  • Poor performance in studies: Over indulgence into computer games leads to poor performance in studies too which is absolutely not a good sign for their future.

Hence, parents need to give proper attention to their children and spent quality time with them so that they socialize with them as well as with the relatives .