Finding ways to switch off through online game playing

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Many people think that playing games on a phone or tablet is just for kids. But more and more of us adults admit to playing games on our phone to help us de-stress and unwind from a busy day at work or to help us to relax in an evening. Many adults even admit to taking their phone into the toilet with them to play a game! A recent study showed that the average adult spends almost 4 hours each day playing on their mobile device. Now this also includes accessing social media, so isn’t all gaming but a fair amount of that can be attributed to a bit of candy crush or the like. Many free games that you play on your mobile device have adverts included. These show you other games that you can play and even let you have a quick go during the ad. This is how most games are promoted now and very effectively too with Google play saying that in one year we downloaded a total of 14.4 billion games globally.  Most of these games are quick games that involve levels and virtual prizes, they give us an instant sense of achievement and try to encourage us to pay for level-up add-ons.

So don’t feel bad next time you sit down to play on your phone as you are just one of the 2.2 Billion mobile gamers out there.