Games Coming up in 2018

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There are lots of exciting games coming up in 2018. With lots of new games known to be in production, it looks as though 2018 will be an exciting time in general for the gaming community. Here is a pick of some of the best upcoming games for the year ahead:

  • Monster Hunt: World. There are some new angles to this latest addition of Monster Hunt and you will find yourself hunting dragons and dinosaurs, amongst others. The graphics are impressive and the new weapons will not leave you wanting more this time round.
  • Far Cry 5. Based in the US, this version of Far Cry focuses on a cult who you, as the sheriff, must disband. Think pitch forks, bombs and sledgehammers – it all gets pretty violent.
  • Sea of Thieves. This pirate-themed gams will see you on a mission to rule, sinking ships and embarking upon battles to become the ultimate winner.