God of War – the Newest Addition to the Franchise

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God of War is a long-standing video game franchise that was developed by Santa Monica Studio for PlayStation 4. The latest release came out in April, and it was the eighth title in the franchise. However, this game did something a little bit different. Whilst previous titles were based on Greek mythology, this game was instead based on Norse mythology and as such uses different characters, the main guy Kratos and Altreus, his son.

Gameplay also differs a lot – you are only going to be able to play it in single player mode. Kratos will have different weapons available to him – his main weapon is the Leviathan Axe, which is magical because it can be returned to him after being thrown at enemies. You might use the weapon more creatively as well, throwing it at different objects to achieve different aim.┬áIt all looks very different as well, with a continuous shot and no cuts at all.