History of Online Games

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Online games have been around since the internet began in one form or another, but we’ve seen some great developments over the years. This was always going to be a massive part of the gaming industry, as there is a lot of opportunity in the multiplayer aspect of gaming that online gaming provides.

We saw some of the first advanced games come out with ones like Everquest, but they tended to be undisciplined, and unrefined. Following on those early innovators coattails, you have the juggernauts which appeared in the early 2000’s, with Blizzards WOW (world of warcraft), which is an MMORPG which has absorbed the time and money of millions of people around the world, and is perhaps one of the gaming industries greatest successes. Alternatively, you have the lower cost games, and less CPU using ones as well, which are able to be played conveniently through your browser, with games like Runescape, and Goodgame Empire.

The online games industry has grown massively over just a couple of decades, and it looks set to only continue to grow.