Is The Last of Us Worth all the Hype?

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If you’ve not played The Last of Us yet, you should. By widespread agreement, it is one of the best games within the last 5 years, and the best within the last 2.

Based in a future where the human race has been devastated by a fungus which attaches to people, quickly spreading to the person’s brain and taking over the nervous system and killing the host, who’s body then proceeds to attack anybody else not infected (kind of like zombies). You play a man who lost his daughter when the fungus first started spreading, who was hired to smuggle a young girl outside of the quarantine zone by a rebel group, and deliver her another cell of the rebel group.

Over the course of the game you have to evade the government forces, the infected, and groups of people living and killing others outside of any government, while you build a relationship between companions you meet along the way and the girl who remains a constant throughout.