Nintendo Games – Traditional but Fun

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When we’re asked to think about Nintendo gaming in general, many will think about the classic games such as Mario, Sonic and Rayman. It was these types of games that gave Nintendo their name, and they were once leading the games industry by a mile.

That of course is not the case today and the battle tends to be between the two giants; Playstation and Xbox. However, when Nintendo is given a chance it still succeeds. If you sat down and played these classic games, they’re still immensely enjoyable. Modern Nintendo games can be played on the Nintendo Wii and these too can be just as fun to play. They lack the seriousness of gaming that Playstation and Xbox have, but the fun is still there and so too is the addiction.

Give Nintendo a go, and we’re sure that you’ll find the games just as enjoyable, you can even go back in time to discover the Nintendo games you never got to play, or play the latest developments on the Wii U console.