PC games Decline Update

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For those wondering and caring about the future of PC games it’s sad to be able to tell you that there is again a decline. Of course to many it will come as no surprise, and this is because of the ‘record’ Playstation 2 sales and the launch of the Xbox.

PC sales have continuously dropped again from their big 10% drop last year, while the shift many people have taken from PCs to tablets is another reason for the decline. There are still plenty of games available for those who love PC gaming, and it’s not the end just yet.

Of course you’re bound to see less games and equipment in stores and online for PCs than Xbox Ones and Playstation 4s but there needs to be more of a reason to play games on PCs, perhaps more power, because the next gen consoles certainly pack a punch, and maybe it’s time PC gaming stepped up to the plate.