Short term objectives for a small online review website

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Take note of the below which is an example subset of goals and objectives used for a small online review website in building up a community following which would be used to generate social signals and rank high on the SERPs. These could be used to improve your own website in the long run;

 Achieve 30,000+ Page views per month.

 Gather ATLEAST 500+ Forum members.

 Promote the group ABOVE 6,000 Members

 Achieve an overall community group of 40,000 on Twitter/Facebook/Steam

 Upload ATLEAST 20 Youtube Videos a month.

 Obtain 3 more authors to complete the team. Our current count is 6 journalists.

 Complete a monthly podcast. (Music Quiz, Competition, Playthrough etc)

 Introduce a monthly newsletter

 Start to market bomb about advertising. We should be in a much firmer position by this time.

 Business processes such as publishing articles should become clockwork, no missing out on posting times.

 Articles must be at least 300 words+ even if it’s about a trailer. Google loves content.