Should we Expect Price Drops for Next Gen Consoles in the Near Future

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Back in 2006, it took eight months to reduce the price of the Playstation 3, and this was partly due to its unnecessary high price, and is it a sign that the new next gen could reduce over the next 5 or six months.

One reason to not believe this suggestion is because the new next gen consoles are actually reasonably priced as opposed to previous years. There have been significant improvements made compared to the last console, and spending £350 – the price of many budget laptops – actually seems quite fair.

This could just be our opinion though, but either way bundle packages may see price drops because games do come down in price relatively quickly, but we’d argue that significant price drops (of £50 or more) are not to be expected any time soon for the next gen consoles, but we’d love to be proved wrong.