What is Sea of Thieves and Who Will Enjoy it?

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Sea of Thieves is a new game that is being developed by Rare, a studio based in the UK. Sea of Thieves will be an online pirate adventure game, which can be played by multiple players at once. It is a game where players can craft stories and shape their own fate on the seven seas.

The game is looking good already. There was a closed beta launch, which became very highly streamed, despite some initial problems with error messages and failures to load.

When people play the game, they will play with a crew of other pirates. Each person will have different roles within the team, such as adjusting the sails or steering the sip. It’s about working together – and being respectful as well, because Rare have some very strict rules for their online player community. You will need to take part in battles, but rather than just out and out combat, players will be rewarded for working together.