Xbox 1 VS Playstation 4

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With the recent introduction of the next generation consoles from the two big games companies, Sony and Microsoft, making a comparison between the two is a natural choice, so here it goes:

If you look at the sales of the consoles, a clear picture comes out, one which shows the Playstation 4 to be the more successful. In actuality, making this comparison cannot be so simple. The xbox one, which performs more of a living room entertainment device role, is considerably more expensive than the playstation, so it is of little surprise that there has been a lot more sales of the playstation. This trend has been reducing since January, which may well say more about how well people have received the two devices. But in order to make a comparison, you can’t just look at the sales figures. It is far easier to play xbox games on your PC than it is for PS4 games, which is sure to have an impact on the gamer communities opinions.